Conference Grants

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  • Dr John MacGinnis: East meets West: The Rise of Parthin
  • Dr Augusta McMahon and Dr Laerke Recht: Fierce Lions, Angry Mice and Fat-Tailed Sheep: Animal Encounters in the Ancient Near East
  • Dr Charountaki Marianna: A Century of State Making in Iraq: The Middle East in Transition
  • Mathilde Touillon-Ricci: The London Postgraduate Conference for the Ancient Near East
  • Richard Dumbrill: Babylon International Festival for the Arts and Culture 2018


  • Dr Aula Hariri (LSE): Approaching Iraqi History: Challenges and Prospects
  • Monica Palmero Fernandez (PhD Researcher, Univesity of Reading): Sixth Oxford Postgraduate Conference in Assyriology

  • Richard Dumbrill (University of London): Babylon Festival for International Cultures and Arts in Iraq 
  • Dr Yağmur Heffron (Cambridge University): Textual Archaeology in the Ancient Near East: Are we doing it wrong? 
  • Dr Cameron Andrew Petrie (Cambridge University): Innovation, Interaction and Interconnection in the Taurus-Zagros Arc and Beyond, 10,000-5000 BC, Conference