Cuneiform Tablets at Tell Al-Wilayah

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Abather Saadoon of Baghdad University spent two months working with Dr Mark Weeden at SOAS on his PhD project to publish cuneiform tablets from the Old Akkadian Period in Tell Al-Wilayah.  His research assessed the ancient geographical nature of the site such as the pathways of watercourses, and new analysis on this subject in Iraqi academia.

Abather met and exchanged research with some of the UK’s leading Assyriologists and archaeologists from the Universities of London, Oxford, Cambridge, Reading and Liverpool, and from the British Museum. At a special workshop organised in his honour he was able to discuss his archaeological investigations with the UK specialists who have made the most significant contributions to the debates concerning Tell Al-Wilayah: J.N. Postgate, M. Altaweel, A.R. George, R. Matthews and J. Jotheri.




Testimonial: 'I would like to express my deep thanks to all the members of the BISI council for granting me this invaluable opportunity.  I really appreciate their help and support as this scholarship was so vital to my PhD project,' Abather Saadoon, Baghdad University