IRAQ 66, 2004 and IRAQ 67/1, 2005

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Nineveh, Papers of the XLIXe Rencontre Assyrioloque Internationale; London, 7-11 July 2003
iii Editorial
v Obituaries
x Participants of RAI 49 outside the British Museum
xi Foreward
xv Programme of Papers
p. 1 Marc Van De Mieroop: A tale of two cities: Nineveh and Baylon
p. 7 Joan Goodnick Westenholz: The Old Akkadian presence in Nineveh: Fact or fiction
p. 19 Nele Ziegler: The conquest of the holy city of Nineveh and the kingdom of Nurrugûm by Samsî-Addu
p. 27 Aline Tenu: Ninive et Aššur à l'époque médio-assyrienne
p. 35 W.G. Lambert: Ishtar of Nineveh and her collaborator, Ishtar of Arbela,in the reign of Assurbanipal
p. 45 Eckart Frahm: Royal hermeneutics: Observations on the commentaries from Assurbanipal's libraries at Nineveh
p. 51 Herman L.J. Vanstiphout: The nth degree of writing at Nineveh
p. 55 Jeanette C. Fincke: The British Museum's Assurbanipal Library Project
p. 61 Ann M. Weaver: The "Sin of Sargon" and Esarhaddon's reconception of Sennacherib: A study in divine will, human politics and royal ideology
p. 67 Mehmet-Ali Ataç: The "Underwordl Vision" of the Ninevite intellectual milieu
p. 77 Cynthia Jean: Le petit monde des exorciste de Ninive
p. 83 Tally Ornan: Expelling demons at Nineveh: The visibility of benevolent demons in the palaces of Nineveh
p. 93 Dominik Bonatz: Assurbanipal's headhunt: An anthropological perspective
p. 103 Chikako Esther Watanabe: The "continuous style" in the narrative schemes of Assurbanipal's reliefs
p. 115 Zainab Bahrani: The king's head
p. 121 Rita Dolce: The "head of the enemy" in the sculptures from the palaces of Nineveh: An example of "cultural migration"?
p. 133 Virginie Danrey: Winged human-headed bulls of Nineveh: Genesis of an iconographic motif
p. 141 Marian Feldman: Nineveh to Thebes and back: Art and politics between Assyria and Egypt in the seventh century BCE
p. 151 Allison Karmel Thomason: From Sennacherib's bronzes to Taharqa's feet: Conceptions of the material world at Nineveh
p. 163 M.G. Micale and D.Nadali: The shape of Sennacherib's camps: Strategic funcions and ideological space
p. 177 Mirko Novák: From Ashur to Nineveh: The Assyrian town-planning programme
p. 187 Stephen Lumsden: The production of space at Nineveh
p. 199 Marta Rivaroli: Nineveh: From ideology to topography
p. 207 Karen Polinger Foster: The Hanging Gardens of Nineveh
p. 221 Eleanor Guralnick: Neo-Assyrian patterned fabrics
p. 233 Menko Vlaardingerbroek: The founding of Nineveh and Babylon in Greek historiography
p. 243 Steven W. Holloway: Nineveh sails for the New World: Assyria envisioned by nineteenth-century America
p. 257 Regina Heilmann: "Those Old Assyrian Legends": Zur Rezeption des Alten Orients im widerentdeckten Kurzfilm LA REGINA DI NINIVE (Italien 1911)

Iraq 67/1, 2005 
Nineveh, Papers of the XLIXe Rencontre Assyrioloque Internationale; London, 7-11 July 2003, Part two 
p. 265  Grant Frame and Andrew George: The royal libraries of Nineveh: New evidence for their formation
p. 285  St John Simpson: Christians at Nineveh
p. 295  Diana Pickworth: Excavations at Nineveh: The Halzi Gate
p. 317  Jason Ur: Sennacherib’s northern Assyrian canals: New insights from satellite imagery and aerial photography 
p. 347  Julian Reade: The Ishtar Temple at Nineveh
p. 391  Petr Charvát: The backs of some sealings from Nineveh
p. 399  Uwe Sievertsen: Frühe Pfeiler-Nischen-Architektur aus Tepe Gawra und Telul eth-Thalathat 
p. 411  Baruch A. Levine: Assyrian ideology and Israelite monotheism