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About IRAQ

IRAQ is an academic periodical founded in 1934 and appearing annually. It publishes articles on the history, art, archaeology, religion, economic and social life of Iraq and, to a lesser degree, of the neighbouring countries where they relate to it, from the earliest times to about AD 1750.

IRAQ has been a vehicle especially for the art and archaeology of Mesopotamia and for Assyriology. The British Institute for the Study of Iraq has wider interests than its predecessor, the British School of Archaeology in Iraq. Consequently the editorial board is keen to solicit articles from a greater range of academic fields. We welcome contributions on, for example, aspects of early Islamic, medieval and early Ottoman Iraq.  
IRAQ is published by Cambridge University Press.

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How to Subscribe to IRAQ and Back Issues 

In order to subscribe to the journal IRAQ, you must become a member of BISI on a year-by-year basis. Subscribing members can also access the complete online archive of IRAQ through Cambridge Journals Online

Back numbers of IRAQ 1-50 (I-L), inclusive of supplements and index volumes, are available from the Periodicals Service Company and Schmidt Periodicals GmbH and a full set of IRAQ can be obtained from PSC. Email: and


IRAQ is managed by two joint Editors and an Editorial Board based around BISI's Publications Committee. The Editorial Board meets three times a year to oversee and advise the work of the editors, and reports to the Institute's Council.

Editorial Board Members

Under the direction of the Editorial Board all contributions to the journal are peer-reviewed anonymously by members of the board and by selected experts. Articles should be submitted to the editors Dr Jon Taylor and Dr Paul Collins