Outreach Grants

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nuns walking along a stone path in Kurdistan

BISI Outreach Grants are offered to support public engagement projects that promote a greater understanding of Iraq's history, society and culture. Past activities that have received funding through the scheme have ranged from lectures and publications to arts projects. 

Outreach grants are overseen by the Institute's Outreach Committee.

Funding available
Applicants can apply for grants up to £1,000. The amount you request must be jusified by an itemised budget. Grants can only fund expenses such as travel, venue, equipment, consultancy and publicity costs. They cannot be used to pay for wages. 
Annual Deadline
1 October.
Applicants should normally be residents of the UK. Preference will be given to activities taking place in the UK or Iraq.
Application Form
Completed application forms must be emailed to the BISI Administrator at bisi@britac.ac.uk (word documents preferred).
Two references are needed in support of each application. Referees should be familiar with your project and be able to comment on its suitability for a BISI Outreach Grant. References must be emailed to the BISI Administrator at bisi@britac.ac.uk by the deadline above. 
Terms and Conditions
Please read the terms and conditions before applying. Successful applicants will need to provide a written report for publication on the BISI blog and/or the Annual Newsletter, with an account of expenses, including copies of receipts and invoices. 

Recent award holders: 
  • Louise Alden, Project to develop KS2 teaching resources on Ancient Sumer at Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery, including a teacher’s study day. Funds offered to support: cost of materials and refreshments. 
  • Graeme Barker, Improving Visitor Access to, and Understanding of, Shanidar Cave, Soran Province, Iraqi Kurdistan. Funds offered to support: the creation of visitor signs in Arabic, Kurdish and English and a viewing platform.
  • Erica Hunter, Communities in Crisis in Iraq and Syria, workshop and conference at SOAS. Funds offered to support: travel and accommodation of participants, plus AV and publicity materials.
  • Kate Craddock, The GB Project - a one-woman performance, inspired by Gertrude Bell, Live Theatre Newcastle. Funds offered to support: technician fees, marketing materials and website.
  • Kate Kelley,  2014 Postgraduate Conference in Assyriology, Oxford University, April 2014. Funds offered to support: venue and catering costs, travel and accommodation for participants and the printing of programmes and other materials. 
  • Gulan, The Christians of Kurdistan - a talk and exhibition as part of a series on minority religions in Kurdistan. Funds offered to support: venue costs. 

Photo: One of the images exhibited by Gulan in their BISI-funded event 'The Christians of Kurdistan' Courtesy of the Dominican Community Archive