Past Projects

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Here we share all of the projects we have funded in previous, covering research, conferences, pilot projects, outreach activities and visiting scholarships.

Visiting Iraqi Scholarships  

2018 - Present BISI - Nahrein Visiting Iraqi Scholarships

You can view previous Visiting Iraqi Scholarships here. 




Pilot Project Grants 

No Pilot Project Grants were funded in 2020. You can view Pilot Projects funded in previous years here. 


Research Grants

  • Dr Mark Altaweel: Understanding Nippur's Paleobotanical Remains
  • Yousif Al-Daffaie: The (re)inscription of Memory: Valuing the Informal Practives, Spatial Memory and Local Narratives within the Physical Recovery of Mosul's Old Town
  • Dr Claudia Glatz: Food and the first cities: Social organisation and colonial encounter in the Sirwan/Upper Diyala River Valley, Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • Dr Cailah Jackson: The Jalayirid arts of the book, c. 1350-c. 1410
  • Professor Nicholas Postgate: Resumption of fieldwork at Abu Salabikh

 You can view Research Grants funded in previous years here




Conference Grants

No Conference Grants were funded in 2020. You can view Conferences funded in previous years here. 



Outreach Grants

We no longer offer Outreach Grants. You can view Outreach activities funded in the past here

The Outreach Grants have been replaced with the BISI Univeristy and Museum Engagement Grant, designed to support public engagement projects by staff and/or students of Higher Education Institutes and cultural heritage organisations that promote a greater understanding of Iraq's history, society and culture. Further information and how to apply can be found here.