Research Grants

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  • Dr Clemence Scalbert Yucel: At the Borders of the Literary Field and Feminist Activism? Kurdish Women Poets in Iraqi Kurdistan
  • Laith Shakir: Thomas Cook and the Rise of Iraq Tourism 
  • Professor Nicholas Postgate: Analysis and Publication of Zoo-Archaeological Evidence from Abu Salabikh
  • Professor Roget Matthews: Digitising Jemdet Nasr 1988-1989
  • Dr Augusta McMahon: Lagash Archaeological Project 2019
  • Dr Louise Rayne: Landscape Archaeology of the Eridu Region: Discovering the Ancient Farms
  • Dr Zahra Ali: Protest and Repress: Issue politics, "Militia-zation" and Toxicity of Everyday Life in Iraq
  • Professor Douglas Baird: Eastern Fertile Crescent Prehistory Project
  • Dr Jade Al-Saraf: A Recording, Research and Documentation Project on the Ma'adan Legend of Hufaidh
  • Dr Michael Brown: The Parthian Mountain Fortress of Rabana
  • Dr Michelle De Gruchy: Digging the Khandaq Shapur


  • Rolf Killius (British Library, World & Traditional Music): Songs of Longing and Love - Recording, Research and Documentation Project on Traditional Rural Music in Iraqi-Kurdistan  
  • Dr Claudia Glatz (University of Glasgow): The Ritual Production of Local and Imperial Identities in the Zagros-Mesopotamian Interface
  • Dr Jane Moon (University of Manchester): Ur Region Archaeology project: Tell Khaiber Excavations 2017
  • Professor Nicholas Postgate (University of Cambridge): Salvaging Contents of Abu Salabikh Dig House
  • Dr Robert Killick (University of Manchester): Ground Survey, Investigations and Documentation of Charax Spasinou (Alexandria-on-the-Tigris) 2017
  • Professor Roger Matthews (University of Reading): Excavations at Neolithic Bestansur