Obituary: Sir John Troutbeck
p. 3: Diana Kirkbride: Umm Dabaghiyah 1971: a preliminary report
p. 17: Hans Helbaek: Traces of plants in the Early Ceramic site of Umm Dabaghiyah
p. 21: Simo Parpola: A letter from Samas-sumu-ukin to Esarhaddon
p. 35: Hans Helbaek: Samarran irrigation agriculture at Choga Mami
p. 49: Joan Oates: A radiocarbon date from Choga Mami
p. 55: J.M. Sasson: Some comments on archive keeping at Mari
p. 69: Peter Dorrell: A note on the geomorphology of the country near Umm Dabaghiyah
p. 73: Lamia al-Gailani: Some Sumerian statues in the Iraq Museum
p. 77: David Oates: The excavations at Tell al Rimah, 1971
p. 87: J.E. Reade: The Neo-Assyrian court and army: evidence from the sculptures
p. 113: McGuire Gibson: The archaeological uses of cuneiform documents
p. 125: Stephanie Dalley: Seals from the Hutchinson Collection
p. 131: A.R. Millard: Some Aramaic epigraphs
p. 139: Excavations in Iraq

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