i: Obituary: Dame Agatha Christie Mallowan
p. 1: Irene J. Winter: Phoenician and North Syrian ivory carving in historical context
p. 23: J. Hansman: Gilgamesh, Humbaba and the land of the Erin-Trees
p. 37: Janusz Meuszynski: Neo-Assyrian reliefs from the central area of Nimrud citadel
p. 45: T.E. Davidson & Hugh McKerrell: Pottery analysis and Halaf period trade in the Khabur Headwaters region
p. 57: W.G. Lambert: An Old Babylonian letter and two amulets
p. 65: Excavations in Iraq, 1975
i: Obituary: Sir Michael Wright
p. 81: Max Mallowan: Gertrude Bell – the last years in Iraq
p. 85: W.G. Lambert: Tukulti-ninurta I and the Assyrian king list
p. 95: P.R.S. Moorey: The late prehistoric administrative building at Jamdat Nasr
p. 107: Stephanie Dalley: An Assyrian stela fragment
p. 113: Jeanny Vorys Canby: The Stelenreihen at Assur, Tell Halaf, and Massebot
p. 129: Rivkah Harris: On kinship and inheritance in Old Babylonian Sippar
p. 133: J.N. Postgate & P.R.S. Moorey: Excavations at Abu Salabikh
p. 171: W.G. Lambert: Berossus and Babylonian eschatology

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