i: Obituary: Professor Fuad Safar
iii: Editorial
p. 1: J.J. Orchard: Some miniature painted glass plaques from Fort Shalmaneser, Nimrud (Part I)
p. 23: Robert H. Brill: Some miniature painted glass plaques from Fort Shalmaneser, Nimrud (Part II)
p. 41: P.R.S Moorey & O.R. Gurney: Ancient Near Eastern cylinder seals acquired by the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford: 1963-1973
p. 61: Benjamin R. Foster & Karen Polinger Foster: A lapidary’s gift to Gestinanna
p. 67: C. Zaccagnini: A note on the talent of Alalah (AT 401)
p. 70: A.R. Millard: The Assyrian royal seal: an addendum
p. 71: J.N. Postgate: An inscribed jar from Tell Al Rimah
i: Obituary: Professor Sir Max Mallowan
p. 77: J.N. Postgate: Excavations at Abu Salabikh, 1977
p. 89: Juliet Clutton-Brock & Richard Burleigh: The animal remains from Abu Salabikh: preliminary report
p. 101: R.D. Biggs & J.N. Postgate: Inscriptions from Abu Salabikh, 1975
p. 119: John Matthers and others: Tell Rifa’at 1977: preliminary report of an archaeological survey

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