i: Editorial
p. 1: T.E. Davidson & Trevor Watkins: Two seasons of excavation at Tell Aqab in the Jezirah, N. E. Syria
p. 19: Elizabeth T. Stone: Texts, architecture and ethnographic analogy: patterns of residence in Old Babylonian Nippur
p. 35: Rosemary Ellison: Diet in Mesopotamia: the evidence of the barley ration texts (c.3000-1400 BC)
p. 47: Jane Moon: Some New Early Dynastic Pottery from Abu Salabikh
p. 76: Brian Lewis: A preliminary report on the relative effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning versus soaking in the conservation of clay tablets
p. 79: Aaron Shaffer: A new musical term in Ancient Mesopotamian music
i: Editorial
p. 85: Samuel M. Paley & Richard Sobolewski:A new reconstruction of Room Z in the North-West palace of Assurnasirpal II at Nimrud (Kalhu)
p. 101: Irene J. Winter: Is there a South Syrian style of ivory carving in the Early First Millennium BC?
p. 131: Gilbert J. P. McEwan: Arsacid temple records
p. 145: J.E. Reade: Fragments of Assyrian monuments
p. 157: Kate Fielden: A Late Uruk pottery group from Tell Brak, 1978
p. 167: Excavations in Iraq, 1979-1980

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