i: Editorial
p. 1: Jonathan N. Tubb: A crescentic axehead from Amarna (Syria) and an examination of similar axeheads from the Near East
p. 13: P.R.S. Moorey: The archaeological evidence for metallurgy and related technologies in Mesopotamia, c. 5500-2100 BC
p. 39: Jane Moon: The distribution of upright-handled jars and stemmed dishes in the Early Dynastic Period
p. 70: C.B.F. Walker & S.N. Kramer: Cuneiform tablets in the collection of Lord Binning
p. 87: J.E. Curtis & A.K. Grayson: Some inscribed objects from Sherif Khan in the British Museum
p. 95: Dominique Collon: Some bucket handles
p. 103: J.N. Postgate & J.A. Moon: Excavations at Abu Salabikh, 1981
p. 137: Michael Roaf: Weights on the Dilmun Standard
p. 143: O.R. Gurney: A gate socket of Ur-Nammu
p. 145: Harriet P. Martin: The Early Dynastic cemetery at Al-‘Ubaid, a re-evaluation
p. 187: David Oates: Excavations at Tell Brak
p. 205: Joan Oates: Some Late Early Dynastic III pottery from Tell Brak
p. 221: Seton Lloyd: A Bibliography

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