i: Obituary: Professor Taha Baqir
ii: Editorial
p. 1: P.R.S. Moorey: Where did they bury the kings of the IIIrd Dynasty of Ur?
p. 19: Catherine Breniquet: Le Cimetière A de Kish. Essai d’interprétation
p. 29: Barry J. Beitzel: Isme-Dagan’s Military actions in the Jezirah: a geographical study
p. 43: A.J. Sachs & C.B.F. Walker: Kepler’s view of the star of Bethlehem and the Babylonian almanac for 7/6 BC
p. 57: Marvin A. Powell: On the absolute value of the Assyrian qa and emar
p. 63: Rosemary Ellison: The uses of pottery
p. 69: Anne Draffkorn Kilmer: A music tablet from Sippar(?): BM 65217 + 66616
p. 81: R. Le Crocker & A.D. Kilmer: The fragmentary music text from Nippur
p. 87: Jerrold S. Cooper: Studies in Mesopotamian lapidary inscriptions, III
p. 95: J.N. Postgate: Excavations at Abu Salabikh, 1983
p. 115: Nadav Na’aman: Statements of time-spans by Babylonian and Assyrian kings and Mesopotamian chronology
p. 125: R.G. Killick: Northern Akkad Project: excavations at Habl As-Sahr
p. 131: J.A. Black & S.M. Sherwin-White: A clay tablet with Greek letters in the Ashmolean Museum, and the “Graeco-Babyloniaca” texts
p. 141: Michael Roaf: Excavations at Tell Mohammed ‘Arab in the Eski Mosul Dam Salvage Project

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