iii: Obituary: Lord Trevelyan
v: Editorial
p. 1: Farouk N.H. Al-Rawi: Nabopolassar’s restoration work on Imgur-Enlil at Babylon
p. 15: Benjamin R. Foster: The Sargonic victory stele from Telloh
p. 31: Stephanie Dalley: Foreign chariotry and cavalry in the armies of Tiglath-Pileser III and Sargon II
p. 49: Christopher J. Davey: The Negub Tunnel
p. 57: H.F. Russell: The historical geography of the Euphrates and Habur according to the Middle- and Neo-Assyrian sources
p. 75: Anthony Green: A note on the “Scorpion-Man” and Pazuzu
p. 83: Jesper Eidem: News from the Eastern Front: the evidence from Tell Shemshara
p. 109: Alastair Northedge: Planning Samarra’: a report for 1983-84
p. 129: Susan Pollock: Chronology of the Royal Cemetery of Ur
p. 159: David Oates: Excavations at Tell Brak, 1983-84
p. 175: Joan Oates: Tell Brak: Uruk pottery from the 1984 season
p. 187: Irving L. Finkel: Inscriptions from Tell Brak 1984
p. 203: J.E. Reade: Texts and sculptures from the North-West Palace, Nimrud
p. 215: Excavations in Iraq, 1983-84

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