iii: Editorial
p. 1: Fred M. Donner: Xenophon’s Arabia
p. 15: L. Gorelick & A.A. Gwinnett: Further investigation of the method of manufacture of an Ancient Near Eastern cast glass vessel
p. 19: Carlo Zaccagnini: The Dilmun Standard and its relationship with Indus and Near Eastern weight systems
p. 25: Anthony Green: A note on the Assyrian “Goat-Fish”, “Fish-Man” and “Fish-Woman”
p. 31: Angela Von Den Driesch: Fischknochen aus Abu Salahikh / Iraq
p. 39: Tamara Stech & Vincent C. Pigott: The metals trade in southwest Asia in the Third Millennium BC
p. 65: Eva Møller: Cylinder seals from the Horniman Museum, London
p. 73: Anthony Lowe: Bronze Age burial mounds on Bahrain
p. 85: Stephanie Dalley: The god Salmu and the winged disc
p. 103: D.L. Kennedy: Ana on the Euphrates in the Roman period
p. 105: J.E. Reade: Rassam’s excavations at Borsippa and Kutha, 1879-82
p. 117: S.G. Koshurnikov & N. Yoffee: Old Babylonian tablets from Dilbat in the Ashmolean Museum
p. 131: Ian Caruana: Part of the third century Roman limes at Zairwan
p. 133: A.R. George: Sennacherib and the Tablet of Destinies

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