iii: Editorial
v: Lady Mallowan, Professor D.J. Wiseman: an appreciation
p. 1: Lamia Al-Gailani Werr: Cylinder seals made of clay
p. 25: A.R. George: Three Middle Assyrian tablets in the British Museum
p. 39: P.R.S. Moorey, J.E. Curtis, D.R. Hook & M.J. Hughes: New analyses of Old Babylonian metalwork from Tell Sifr
p. 49: A.R Millard: The bevelled-rim bowls: their purpose and significance
p. 59: Dominique Collon: Some cylinder seals from Tell Mohammed Arab
p. 79: J.V. Kinnier Wilson: Lines 40-52 of the Banquet Stele of Assurnasirpal II
p. 83: Irving L. Finkel: Inscriptions from Tell Brak 1985
p. 87: N.J.J. Illingworth: Inscriptions from Tell Brak 1986
p. 109: Peter M.M.G. Akkermans: An updated chronology for the Northern Ubaid and Late Chalcolithic Periods in Syria: New Evidence from Tell Hammam Et-Turkman
p. 147: Wayne Horowitz: The Babylonian map of the world
p. 167: Anthony Green: A note on the “lion-demon”
p. 169: M.A. Littauer & J.H. Crouwel: A pair of horse bits of the Second Millennium B.C. from Iraq

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