iii: Editorial
p. 1: R.J. Matthews: Defining the style of the period: Jemdet Nasr l926-28
p. 35: D.W.W. Stevenson: A proposal for the irrigation of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
p. 57: Leonard Gorelick & A. John Gwinnett: Minoan versus Mesopotamian Seals: Comparative methods of manufacture
p. 65: Jacobus Van Dijk: The authenticity of the Arslan Tash Amulets
p. 69: Catherine Breniquet: A propos du vase halafien de la Tombe G2 de Tell Arpachiyah
p. 79: K.R. Maxwell-Hyslop: The Goddess Nanse: an attempt to identify her representation
p. 83: Stephanie Dalley & Beatrice Teissier: Tablets from the vicinity of Emar and elsewhere
p. 113: John Curtis: The Dying Lion
p. 119: Matthew W. Stolper: Late Achaemenid Texts from Dilbat
p. 141: T. Clayden: Kish in the Kassite Period (c. 1650-1150 BC)
p. 157: David Tucker with an appendix by David S. Reese: A Middle Assyrian Hoard from Khirbet Karhasan, Iraqa

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