iii: Editorial
v: Obituary: Lady Mallowan O.B.E.
p. 1: J. Curtis, D. Collon & A. Green: British Museum excavations at Nimrud and Balawat in 1989
p. 39: J.E. Reade: Hormuzd Rassam and his discoveries
p. 63: A.R. George: Ninurta-Paqidat’s dog bite, and notes on other comic tales
p. 77: M. Sax, D. Collon & M.N. Leese: The availability of raw materials for Near Eastern cylinder seals during the Akkadian, post Akkadian and Ur III periods
p. 91: A. Cavigneaux & F. al-Rawi: New Sumerian literary texts from Tell Haddad (ancient Meturan): a first survey
p. 107: S.M. Evers: George Smith and the Egibi tablets
p. 119: P. Gerardi: Prism fragments from Sippar: new Esarhaddon inscriptions
p. 135: Ph. Gouin: Bovins et laitages en Mésopotamie méridionale au 3ème millénaire
p. 147: F.N.H. al-Rawi & J.A. Black: A rediscovered Akkadian city
p. 149: J. MacGinnis: Two Achaemenid tablets from the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
p. 155: D. & J. Oates: Excavations at Tell Brak 1992-93
p. 201: D. Matthews & J. Eidem: Tell Brak and Nagar
p. 209: J. Clutton-Brock & S. Davies: More donkeys from Tell Brak

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