iii: Editorial
p. 1: J.E. Curtis: Mesopotamian bronzes from Greek sites: the workshops of origin
p. 27: M. Gawlikowski: Palmyra as a trading centre
p. 35: F.N.H. al-Rawi: Texts from Tell Haddad and elsewhere
p. 45: S. Dalley: Nineveh, Babylon and the Hanging Gardens: cuneiform and classical sources reconciled
p. 59: M. Yamada: The Dynastic seal and Ninurta’s seal: preliminary remarks by the local authorities of Emar
p. 63: J. Orchard & G. Stanger: Third Millennium oasis towns and environmental constraints on settlement in the al-Hajar region
p. 101: O.R. Gurney: Babylonian music again
p. 107: D.J. Tucker: Representations of Imgur-Enlil on the Balawat Gates
p. 117: J.D.A. MacGinnis: Texts from the British Museum
p. 123: P. Albenda: Assyrian sacred trees in the Brooklyn Museum
p. 135: F.N.H. al-Rawi & A.R. George: Tablets from the Sippar library III. Two royal counterfeits
p. 149: St.J. Simpson: Note on Qasr Serij
p. 153: M. Sax & N.D. Meeks: The introduction of wheel cutting as a technique for engraving cylinder seals: its distinction from filing
p. 167: D. & J. Oates: Tell Brak: a stratigraphic summary (1976-1993)
p. 177: R.J. Matthews, W. Matthews & H. McDonald: Excavations at Tell Brak, 1994

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