iii: Editorial
p. 1: McGuire Gibson & August McMahon: Investigation of the Early Dynastic-Akkadian transition: Report of the 18th and 19th seasons of excavation in Area WF, Nippur
p. 41: S. La Niece: Depletion gilding from Third Millennium B.C. Ur
p. 49: Julia M. Asher-Greve: A seal-cutter’s trial-piece in Berlin and a new look at the Diqdiqqeh lapidary workshops
p. 61: T. Clayden: The date of the foundation deposit in the temple of Ningal at Ur
p. 71: John Malcolm Russell: Layard’s description of rooms in the Southwest Palace at Nineveh
p. 87: R. J. Matthews: Excavations at Tell Brak, 1995
p. 113: Elisabeth Crowfoot with contributions by M. C. Whiting & Kathryn Tubb: Textiles from recent excavations at Nimrud
p.119: G. Philip with contributions by A. Abbu, N. Hannoun, S. Rumeidh & B. Suleiman: New light on North Mesopotamia in the earlier second millennium B.C.: metalwork from the Hamrin
p. 145: Jocelyn Orchard: The origins of agricultural settlement in the al-Hajar region
p. 159: Richard S. Ellis: The trouble with “Hairies”
p. 167: I. L. Finkel & J. E. Reade: Lots of eponyms
p. 173: A. R. George: The bricks of E-sagil
p. 199: F. N. H. Al-Rawi with an appendix by A. R. George: Tablets from the Sippar library IV. Lugale
p. 225: F. N. H. Al-Rawi & A. R. George: Tablets from the Sippar library V. An incantation from Mis pî

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