iii Editorial
p.1 Mark Blackham: Further investigations as to the relationship of Samarran and Ubaid ceramic assemblages
p.17 T.J. Wilkinson, B.H. Monahan & D.J. Tucker: Khanijdal East: a small Ubaid site in northern Iraq
p.51 J. Eidem & D. Warburton: In the Land of Nagar: a survey around Tell Brak
p.65 R.J. Matthews: Excavations at Tell Brak, 1996
p.79 Arlette Roobaert: A Neo-Assyrian statue from Til Barsib
p.89 Eleanor Guralnick: Sargonid sculpture and the Late Assyrian cubit
p.105 Wathiq I. Al-Salihi: Two cult-statues from Hatra
p.109 T. Clayden: Kurigalzu I and the restoration of Babylonia
p.123 Michal Gawlikowski: Thapsacus and Zeugma: the crossing of the Euphrates in antiquity
p.135 F. de Callataÿ: Abdissarès l’Adiabènien
p.147 A.R. George & F.N.H. Al-Rawi: Tablets from the Sippar Library VI. Atra-hasis
p.191 Irving L. Finkel: Tablets for Lord Amherst

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