iii: Obituaries: Diana Kirkbride-Helbaek; Anna Plowden
vii: Editorial
p. 1: Donald Matthews: The Early Dynastic-Akkadian transition, Part 1. When did the Akkadian period begin?
p. 9: McGuire Gibson & Augusta McMahon: The Early Dynastic-Akkadian transition, Part 2; The authors’ response
p. 15: Robert B. Mason: Early mediaeval Iraqi lustre-painted and associated wares : typology in a multidisciplinary study
p. 63: D.T. Potts: Re-writing the late prehistory of south-eastern Arabia : a reply to Jocelyn Orchard
p. 73: Khalid Al-‘Adami: King Apil-Sin confirms the judgement of Sumulael
p. 77: Bradley J. Parker: Garrisoning the empire : aspects of the construction and maintenance of forts on the Assyrian frontier
p. 89: A. Kirk Grayson & J. Ruby: Instructions for inscribing Sennacherib’s seal
p. 93: Paul-Alain Beaulieu: A new inscription of Nebuchadnezzar II commemorating the restoration of Emah in Babylon
p. 97: Michael Jursa: Neu- und spatbabylonische Texte aus den Sammlungen der Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery
p. 175: M.L. West: Akkadian poetry : metre and performance
p. 189: Richard L. Crocker: Mesopotamian tonal systems
p. 203: Sophia Brookes: A new approach to the design of kiln furniture for the firing of cuneiform tablets

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