iii Editorial
p. 1 Robert Carter & Harriet Crawford: The Kuwait-British Archaeological Expedition to as-Sabiyah: Report on the third season;s work
p. 15 Jason A. Ur: Surface collection and offsite studies at Tell Hamoukar, 1999
p. 45 McGuire Gibson et al.: First season of Syrian-American investigations at Hamoukar, Hasekeh Province
p. 69 Andrew M.T. Moore: Pottery-kiln sites at al-‘Ubaid and Eridu
p. 79 Elizabeth C. Stone: The Ur III–Old Babylonian transition: an archaeological perspective
p. 85 Cameron Petrie: Seleucid Uruk: An analysis of ceramic distribution
p. 125 Claudia Fischer: Twilight of the sun-god
p. 135 J.E. Reade: The ziggurat and temples of Nimrud
p. 217 John MacGinnis: The use of writing boards in the Neo-Babylonian temple administration at Sippar
p. 237 W. Horowitz & W. G. Lambert: A new exemplar of Ludlul bel nemeqi Tablet I from Birmingham
p. 247 Farouk N.H. Al-Rawi: Tablets from the Sippar library X. A dedication of Zabaya of Larsa
p. 249 Khalid Salim Isma’el & A.R. George: Tablets from the Sippar Library XI. The Babylonian almanac
p. 259 Erica C.D. Hunter: Manipulating incantation texts: Excursions in Refrain A

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