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iii Editorial

vi Obituaries

p. 1 Augusta McMahon, Carlo Colantoni and Miranda Semple: British excavations at Chagar Bazar, 2001-2

p. 17 Peter V. Bartl: Layard’s drawings of the incised decorations on the Nimrud reliefs compared with the originals

p. 31 Phillipe Quenet: The diffusion of the cuneiform writing system in northern Mesopotamia: The earliest archaeological evidence

p. 41 Harriet Crawford: Mesopotamia and the Gulf: The history of a relationship

p. 47 James Kinnier Wilson: On the UD-ŠU-BALA at Ur towards the end of the third millennium BC

p. 61 Bendt Alster: Demons in the conclusion of Lugalbanda in Hurrumkurra

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