iii Editorial
v Obituary
p. 1 Caroline Waerzeggers: The Carians of Borsippa
p. 23 F.N.H. Al-Rawi and A.R. George: Tablets from the Sippar Library XIII: Enuma Anu Ellil XX
p. 59 Martin Worthington: Dialect admixture of Babylonian and Assyrian in SAA VIII, X, XII, XVII and XVIII
p. 85 Frances Pinnock: Ebla and Ur: Exhanges and contacts between two great capitals of the ancient Near East
p. 99 Paul Collins: Trees and Gender in Assyrian art
p. 109 Davide Nadali: Esarhaddon’s glazed bricks from Nimrud: The Egyptian campaign depicted
p. 121 Timonth J. Poisel: Plate LIII from Til-Barsip: The left-handed Assyrian king
p. 129 Maude de Schauensee: A note on bit types at Hasanlu
p. 139 Ted Kaizer: Capital punishment at Hatra: Gods, magistrates and laws in the Roman-Parthian period
p. 155 Mark Altaweel: Excavations in Iraq: The Ray Jazirah Project, first report
p. 183 David J. Tucker and Stefan R. Hauser: Beyond the World Heritage Site: A huge enclosure revealed at Hatra

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