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IRAQ 71 (2009)




iii Editorial
p. 1 M. Krebernik and J. N. Postgate: The tablets from Abu Salabikh and their provenance
p. 33 Daisuke Shibata: An Old Babylonian manuscript of the Weidner god-list from Tell Taban
p. 43 Sam Mirelman and Theo J. H. Krisijn: The Old Babylonian tuning text UET VI/3 899
p. 53 Tzvi Abusch and Daniel Schwemer: The Chicago Maqlû fragment (A 7876)
p. 89 Heather D. Baker: A waste of space? Unbuilt land in Babylonian cities of the first millennium BC
p. 99 Anne Eastham: The bird bones from Abu Salabikh
p. 115 Augusta McMahon: The lion, the king and the cage: Late Chalcolithic iconography and ideology in northern Mesopotamia
p. 125 Laura Battini: La terre cuite IB 1967 ou peut-on lire les images coroplastiques à travers les textes?
p. 139 Francesca Onnis:  The Nimrud bowls : New data from an analysis of the objects
p. 151 Ignacio Marquez Rowe: Ceramic stamp-seals amulets in the shape of the head of Panzuzu

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