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IRAQ 72 (2010)




A volume in honour of the seventieth birthday of Professor David Hawkins
p. iii Editorial
p. v Obituary: Professor D.J. Wiseman
p. 1 Dominique Collon: David Hawkins’ caricatures
p. 3 Alfonso Archi: Hadda of øalab and his temple in the Ebla period
p. 19 J. N. Postgate: The debris of government: Reconstructing the Middle Assyrian state apparatus from tablets and potsherds
p. 39 Mark Weeden: Tuwati and Wasusarma: Imitating the behaviour of Assyria
p. 63 Daniel Schwemer: Entrusting the witches to øumufl-tabal: The u·burruda ritual BM 47806+
p. 79 A. R. George and Junkko Taniguchi with a contribution by M. J. Geller: The Dogs of Ninkilim, part two: Babylonian rituals to counter field pests
p. 149 Dominique Collon: Getting it wrong in Assyria: Some bracelets from Nimrud
p. 163 J. E. Reade: New life for old stones
p. 175 John Curtis: A Victorian artist in Assyria
p. 183 K. Aslihan Yener: Bulgurmaden: Thoughts about iron, Bolkarda˘g and the Taurus mountains
p. 193 Geoffrey D. Summers: Revisiting the end of the Late Bronze Age and the transition to the Early Iron Age at Tille Höyük
p. 201 Diederik J. W. Meijer: Another connection between Sippar and Syria
p. 208 Abstracts in Arabic

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