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IRAQ 74 LXXIV (2012)




Obituaries: Prof. W.G. Lambert, Dr. Anthony Green

pp.1-35 Mark Altaweel, Anke Marsh, Simone Mühl, Olivier Nieuwenhuyse, Karen Radner,  Kamal Rasheed and Saber Ahmed Saber: New Investigations in the Environment, History, and Archaeology of the Iraqi Hilly Flanks: Shahrizor Survey Project 2009–2011

Carrie Hritz, Jennifer Pournelle & Jennifer Smith: Revisiting the Sealands: Report of Preliminary Ground Reconnaissance in the Hammar District, Dhi Qar and Basra Governorates, Iraq

pp.51-64 Mary Shepperson: The Rays of Šamaš: Light in Mesopotamian Architecture and Legal Practice

pp.65-74 Elizabeth C. Stone
: Surface Survey and Satellite Reconnaissance: Reconstructing the Urban Layout of Mashkan-shapir

pp.75-87 Jack Cheng: The Horizontal Forearm Harp: Assyria’s National Instrument

pp.89-95 J. H. Crouwel: Metal Wheel Tyres from the Ancient Near East and Central Asia

pp.97-115 Mikko Lukko: On Standardisation and Variation in the Introductory Formulae of Neo-Assyrian Letters

Radoslaw Tarasewicz: New Data on the Sidru-Offering in Neo-Babylonian Sippar

pp. 127-136 Jon Taylor: Cuneiform Tablets from the Wiseman Collection

pp.137-152 Yoram Cohen: “Where is Bazi? Where is Zizi?” The List of Early Rulers in the Ballad from Emar and Ugarit, and the Mari Rulers in the Sumerian King List and Other Sources

pp.153-165 M.Sulaiman and S.Dalley: Seven Naptanum-Texts from the Reign of Rim-Sin I of Larsa
pp.167-168 Some Recent and Current Fieldwork in Iraq

p.172 Abstracts in Arabic

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