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LXIX (69)

iii Editorial
v Obituary
p. 1 Bendt Alster and Takayoshi Oshima: Sargonic dinner at Kaneš: The Old Assyrian Sargon legend
p. 21 Joan Goodnick Westenholz: Notes on the Old Assyrian Sargon legend
p. 29 Daniel Schwemeer: Witchcraft and war: The ritiual fragment Ki 1904-10-9, 18 (BM 98989)
p. 43 Dominique Collon: The Queen under attack – A rejoinder
p. 53 John Curtis: The Broken Obelisk
p. 59 Tallay Ornan: Who is holding the lead rope? The relief of the Broken Obelisk
p. 73 Rafal Kolinski: Sir Max Mallowan’s excavations at Tell Arbid in 1936
p. 117 Mark Altaweel: Excavations in Iraq: The Jazirah Salvage Project, second report
p. 145 Augusta McMahon and Joan Oates: Excavations at Tell Brak 2006-2007

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