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IRAQ LXX 70 (2008)




iii Editorial
p. 1 Alison Millerman: Interpreting the Royal Cemetery of Ur metalwork: A contemporary perspective from the archives of James R. Ogden
p. 13 Julian Reade: Real and imagined “Hittite palaces” at Khorsabad and elsewhere
p. 41 Nicholas Gillmann: Le Bâtiment isolé de Khorsabad: Une nouvelle tentative de reconstitution
p. 51 Zoltan Niederreiter: Le rôle des symboles figurés attribués aux membres de la Cour de Sargon II: Des emblèmes créés par les lettrés du palais au service de l’idéologie royale
p. 87 Davide Nadali: Assyrian high-relief bricks from Nineveh and the fragments of a royal name
p. 105 J. Novotny and C. E. Watanabe: After the fall of Babylon: A new look at the presentation scene on Assurbanipal relief BM ME 124945–6
p. 127 Joachim Oelsner: Die Rollsiegel der Sammlung Rich des British Museum
p. 131 Magnus Widell: The Sumerian expression igi-kar2 revisited
p. 147 Bahijah Kh. Ismail and J. Nicholas Postgate: A Middle Assyrian flock-master’s archive from Tell Ali
p. 179 Jeffrey L. Cooley: “I want to dim the brilliance of ∞ulpae!” Mesopotamian celestial divination and the poem of Erra and I·um
p. 189 Daisuke ShibataA Nimrud manuscript of the fourth tablet of the series m¬s pî: CTN IV 170(+)188 and a Kiutu incantation to the sun god
p. 205 F. Rachel Magdalene, Bruce Wells and Cornelia Wunsch: Pre-trial negotiations: The case of the runaway slave in Dar. 53
p. 215 John Curtis, Qais Hussein Raheed, Hugo Clarke, Abudulamir M. Al Hamdani, Elizabeth Stone, Margarete Van Ess, Paul Collins and Mehsin Ali: An assessment of archaeological sites in June 2008: An Iraqi-British project.

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