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PART 1 Spring

p.1: Simone Corbiau: New finds in the Indus Valley

p.11: E. Douglas Van Buren: A Gaming-Board from Tall Halaf

p.16: G.R. Driver: A Babylonian Tablet with an Aramaic Endorsement

p.19: M. Rostovtzeff: The Squatting Gods in Babylonia and at Dura

p.21: T.H. Caster: The Battle of the Rain and the Sea: An Ancient Semitic Nature-Myth

p.33: C.J. Gadd: The Infancy of Man in a Sumerian Legend

p.35: R. Campbell Thompson: (i) An Assyrian Parallel to an Incident in the Story of Semiramis; (ii) Fragments of Stone Reliefs and Inscriptions found at Nineveh

p.47: Eric John Holmyard: Aidamir Al-Jildaki

p.54: J.G. Milne: The Origin of Certain copies of Athenian Tetradrachms

p.55: D.B. Hardin: The Pottery from the Precinct of Tanit at Salammbo Carthage

p.91: Editorial Note.

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