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PART 2 Autumn 

p.i: Editorial

p.iii: Obituary: Dr. Naji AL-Asil
p.110     : J. Nougayrol: Guerre et Paix a Ugarit
p.124: Albrecht Goetze: Warfare in Asia Minor
p.131: Wolfram Von Soden: Die Assyrer Und der Krieg
p.145: H.W.F. Saggs: Assyrian Warfare in the Sargonid Period
p.155: B. Hrouda: Der Assyrische Streitwagen
p.159: V. Korosec: The Warfare of the Hittites – from the Legal Point of View
p.167: F. Cornelius: Erin-Manda
p.171: Samuel Noah Kramer: Literary Texts from Ur, Part II
p.177: C.J. Gadd: Two Sketches from the Life at Ur
p.189: W.G. Lambert; J.R. Kupper; A. Finet; M. Lambert: Summaries of Papers

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