Current Issue


pp.1-2 Obituary: Jeffery Orchard (1931-2015)
pp. 3-24 Odette Boivin: Accounting for Livestock: Principles of Palatial Administration in Sealand I Babylonia
pp. 25-48 Benjamin Garstad: Nebuchadnezzar and Alexander in the Excerpta Latina Barbari
pp. 49-78 Stephanie M. Langin-Hooper: Seleucid-Parthian Figurines from Babylon in the Nippur Collection: Implications of Misattribution and Re-evaluating the Corpus
pp. 79-102 Michal Marciak and Robert S. Wójcikowski: Images of Kings of Adiabene: Numismatic and Sculptural Evidence
pp. 103-136 Olivier Nieuwenhuyse, Takahiro Odaka, Akemi Kaneda, Simone Mühl, Kamal Rasheed and Mark Altaweel: Revisiting Tell Begum. A Prehistoric Site in the Shahrizor Plain, Iraqi Kurdistan

pp. 137-158 Saba Sami Al-Ali and Nawar Sami Al-Ali: Images of Round Baghdad: An Analysis of Reconstrictions by Architectural Historians

pp. 159-174 Adam W. Schneider and Selim F. Adali: Further Evidence for a "Late Assyrian Dry Phase" in the Near East during the Mid-to-Late Seventh Century B.C.?

pp. 175-214 Anna Smogorzewska: The Final Stage of Ninevite 5 Pottery: Morphological Types, Technology, and Diachronic Analysis from Tell Arbid (North-East Syria)
pp. 215-240 Ariane Thomas: The Faded Splendour of Lagashite Princesses: A Restored Statuette from Tello and the Depiction of Court Women in the Neo-Sumerian Kingdom of Lagash

pp. 241-252 Michael P. Streck and Nathan Wasserman: On Wolves and Kings: Two Tablets with Akkadian Wisdom Texts from the Second Millennium B.C.

pp. 253-84 David Wengrow, Robert Carter, Gareth Brereton, Mary Shepperson, Sami Jamil Hamarashi, Saber Ahmed Saber, Andrew Bevan, Dorian Fuller, Helen Himmelman, Hanna Sosnowska and Lara Gonzalez Carretero: Gurga Chiya and Tepe Marani: New Excavations in the Shahrizor Plain, Iraqi Kurdistan
pp. 285-286 Mark Altaweel: Some Recent and Current Archaeology in Iraq