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Reproduction Permissions Policy

BISI’s Journal IRAQ 

Reproduction requests relating to the journal IRAQ should go directly to [email protected] at Cambridge University Press

Other BISI Publications 

Our permissions policy is designed to allow free access to our resources for non-commercial purposes, as follows:

  • BISI should be contacted for permission for all copyright requests.
  • We will waive copyright fees for the reproduction of images in e-books, and in academic and educational publications with print runs up to 1000 copies.
  • We will also waive fees for academic and educational use of BISI images on the internet.
  • For publications with print-runs in excess of 1000 copies, and for commercial use of images on the internet, the copyright fees per image will be as follows:
    • £75 for print runs of 1001-4000 copies
    • £150 for print runs above 4,000 copies
    • £150 for commercial use on the internet

Please send all requests to the BISI Administrator.