i: Obituary: A.L. Smith
p. 1: Diana Kirbride: Umm Dabaghiyah 1972: a second preliminary report
p. 9: Sandor Bökönyi: The fauna of Umm Dabaghiyah: a preliminary report
p. 13: J.N. Posgate: Assyrian texts and fragments
p. 37: Peder Mortensen: A sequence of Samarran flint and obsidian tools from Choga Mami
p. 57: A.R. Millard & H. Tadmor:Adad-nirari III in Syria
p. 65: Wathiq al-Salihi: Hercules-Nergal at Hatra (II)
p. 71: P.R.S. Moorey & O.R. Gurney: Ancient Near Eastern seals at Charterhouse
p. 83: Michael Roaf: The diffusion of the “Salles A Quatre Saillants”
p. 93: N.Y. Merpert & R.M. Munchaev: Early agricultural settlements in the Sinjar Plain, northern Iraq
p. 115: Miranda Bayliss: The cult of dead kin in Assyria and Babylonia
p. 127: Geoffrey Turner: South Arabian gold jewellery
p. 141: Hayim Tadmor: The historical inscriptions of Adad-nirari III
p. 151: Munir Y. Taha: The authenticity of a Sumerian statue
p. 155: J.E. Reade: Tell Taya (1972-73): summary report
p. 189: Excavations in Iraq 1972-73
p. 205: Diana Kirkbride: Umm Dabaghiyah 1973: a third preliminary report

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