p. 3: Diana Kirkbride: Umm Dabaghiyah: a fourth preliminary report
p. 11: H.W.F. Saggs: Historical texts and fragments of Sargon II of Assyria: 1. The “Assur Charter”
p. 21: Barbara Parker: Cylinder seals from Tell al Rimah
p. 39: Robert Drews: The Babylonian Chronicle and Berossus
p. 57: Excavations in Iraq 1973-74
p. 69: A.K. Grayson: Two fragmentary Assyrian royal inscriptions
p. 75: T.A. Holland: An inscribed weight from Tell Sweyhat, Syria
p. 77: Obituary: Lord Salter
p. 79: P.R.S. Moorey: The terracotta plaques from Kish and Hursagkalama, c. 1850 to 1650 BC
p. 101: Penelope N. Weadock: The Giparu at Ur
p. 129: J.E. Reade: Assurnasirpal I and the White Obelisk
p. 151: O. Aytug Tasyürek: Some inscribed Urartian bronze armour
p. 157: D.J. Wiseman: A Gilgamesh Epic fragment from Nimrud

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