iv Foreword
List of Participants
viii Programme of Sessions
p. 1: J. Makkay: The Origins of the ” Temple Economy ” as seen in the light of Prehistoric evidence
p. 7: Susanne Kolbus: Zur Chronologie des sog. Gamdat Nasr-Friedhofs in Ur
p. 18: Trevor Watkins: Cultural parallels in the metalwork of Sumer and North Mesopotamia in the Third Millennium B.C.
p. 24: Harriet P. Martin: Settlement patterns at Shuruppak
p. 32: H.E.W. Crawford: More fire installations from Abu Salabikh
p. 35: H.L.J. Vanstiphout: Problems in the ” Matter of Aratta”
p. 43: Isaac M. Kikawada: The double creation of mankind in “Enki and Ninmah”, “Atrahasis I, 1-351” and “Genesis 1-2”
p. 46: Philippe Talon: A propos du personnel agricole à Mari
p. 56: D. Charpin: Temples à découvrir en Syrie du Nord d’après des documents inédites de Mari
p. 64: Theresa Howard-Carter: An interpretation of the sculptural decoration of the Second Millennium Temple at Tell al-Rimah
p. 73: J.E. Curtis: Some axe-heads from Chagar Bazar and Nimrud
p. 82: W.O. Lambert: The god Assur
p. 87: Anthony Green: Neo-Assyrian apotropaic figures
p. 97: Julian Reade: Rassam’s Jirjib sounding, 1882
p. 101: A.R. Millard: Assyrians and Arameans
p. 109: Jonas C. Greenfield & Aaron Shaffer: Notes on the Akkadian-Aramaic bilingual statue from Tell Fekherye
p. 117: O.J.P. McEwan: Late Babylonian Kish
p. 124: J.A. Peat: Hansu Land and the Rab Hansi
p. 128: A. Martirossian: Notes concerning the economic activities of the Babylonian Temple in the First Millennium BC
p. 131: G.C. Sarkisian: Von der Tempelsklaverei im hellenistischen Babylonien
p. 136: Laurie E. Pearce: Cuneiform number-syllabaries
p. 138: Peter Calmeyer: The Persian King in the lion’s den
p. 140: Wathiq Al-Salihi: The shrine of Nebo at Hatra
p. 146: Rosemary Ellison: Some thoughts on the diet of Mesopotamia from c. 3000-600 BC
p. 151: Marcelle Duchesne-Guillemin: Pukku and Mekku
p. 157: J.M. Asher-Greve & W.B. Stern: A new analytical method and its application to cylinder seals
p. 163: Jan-Waalke Meyer: Einige Aspekte zur Bearbeitung unbeschrifteter Tonlebermodelle

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