iii: Editorial
p. 1: R.J. Matthews: Fragments of Officialdom from Fara
p. 17: Donald Matthews: Middle Assyrian Glyptic from Tell Billa
p. 43: Pauline Albenda: Decorated Assyrian Knob-Plates in the British Museum
p. 55: I.C. Freestone: Technical Examination of Neo-Assyrian Glazed Wall Plaques
p. 59: Susan Pollock, Caroline Steele & Melody Pope: Investigations on the Uruk Mound, Abu Salabikh, 1990
p. 69: Itamar Singer: The “Land of Amurru” and the “Lands of Amurru” in the Sausgamuwa Treaty
p. 75: Catherine Breniquet: Tell es-Sawwan – Réalités et problèmes
p. 91: M. Sax: Innovative Techniques used to Decorate the Perforations of some Akkadian Rock Crystal Cylinder Seals
p. 97: M.A. Littauer & J.H. Crouwel: Assyrian Trigas and Russian Dvoikas
p. 101: Robert K. Englund: Archaic Dairy Metrology
p. 105: Tamás Dezsö & John Curtis: Assyrian Iron Helmets from Nimrud now in the British Museum
p. 127: David & Joan Oates: Excavations at Tell Brak 1990-91
p. 147: Donald Matthews: Tell Brak 1990: The Glyptic
p. 159: G. Wilhelm: A Hurrian Letter from Tell Brak
p. 169: Excavations in Iraq, 1989-90a

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