iii: A letter to the President, Prof. D.J. Wiseman
v: Editorial
p. 1: Agnes Spycket: “Le carnaval des animaux”: on some musician monkeys from the ancient Near East
p. 11: McGuire Gibson, James A. Armstrong & Augusta McMahon: The city walls of Nippur and an Islamic site beyond: Oriental Institute excavations, 17th season, 1987
p. 45: Martin Sauvage: La construction des ziggurats sous la troisième dynastie d’Ur
p. 63: J.E. Reade: Greco-Parthian Nineveh
p. 85: Lorenzo Nigro: Two steles of Sargon: iconology and visual propaganda at the beginning of royal Akkadian relief
p. 103: Wathiq I. al-Salihi: The camel-rider’s stele and related sculpture from Hatra
p. 109: Beatrice Teissier: Sealing and seals: seal-impressions from the reign of Hammurabi on tablets from Sippar in the British Museum
p. 187: A.R. George & F.N.H. al-Rawi: Tablets from the Sippar Library VII. Three wisdom texts
p. 207: John MacGinnis: Ordering the House of Shamash: texts from the management of the Neo-Babylonian Ebabbara
p. 219: Jorge Silva Castillo: Nagbu: totality or abyss in the first verse of the Gilgamesh poem
p. 223: O.R. Gurney & M.L. West: Mesopotamian tonal systems: a reply

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