iii Obituary
p. 1 Geoff Emberling, Jack Cheng, Torben E. Larsen, Holly Pittman, Tim. B.B. Skuldboel, Jill Weber & Henry T. Wright: Excavations at Tell Brak 1998: Preliminary report
p. 43 Robert Carter, Harriet Crawford and Simeon Mellalieu: The Kuwait-British Archaeological Expedition to as-Sabiyah: Report on the first season’s work
p. 59 John Curtis: Glass inlays and Nimrud ivories
p. 71 Christopher Edens: Kor Ile-Sud: Qatar: the archaeology of Late Bronze Age purple-dye production in the Arabian Gulf
p. 89 Jocelyn Orchard & Gordon Stanger: Al-Hajar oasis towns again!
p. 121 Paul Yule: The Samad period in the Sultanate of Oman
p.147 Alfonso Archi: The steward and his jar
p. 159 Steve Tinney: On the curricular setting of Sumerian literature
p. 173 Ivan Starr & F.N.H. Al-Rawi: Tablets from the Sippar Library VIII. Omens from the gall bladder
p. 187 Ali Yaseen Ahmad & A. Kirk Grayson: Sennacherib in the Akitu House
p. 191 Nawala al-Mutawalli: A new foundation cylinder from the temple of Nabû ša harê
p. 195 Recent excavations in Iraq

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