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IRAQ 77 LXXVII (2015)




pp.1-3 Gil J. Stein: Tony Wilkinson (1948–2014)
pp.5-6 Julian Reade: Nicholas Hallam Stuart Kindersley (1939–2015)
pp.7-8 David Hawkins: Open letter to Dominique Collon
pp. 9-39 Daniele Morandi Bonacossi and Marco Iamoni: Landscape and Settlement in the Eastern Upper Iraqi Tigris and Navkur Plains: The Land of Niveveh Archaeological Project, Seasons 2012-2013
pp.41-58 Tim Clayden: Two New Prints of Layard’s Excavations at Nimrud: An Artist at Nimrud and Nineveh
pp.59-74 John Curtis and Nigel Tallis: More Thoughts on the Balawat Gates of Shalmaneser III: The Arrangement of the Bands
pp.75- 106 A.R. George: On Babylonian Lavatories and Sewers
pp.107 -128 Ruth Horry: Assyriology at the Margins; the Case of William St. Chad Boscawen (1855–1913)
pp.129-142 Josué J. Justel: An Unpublished Nuzi-Type Antichretic Loan Contract in The British Museum; with Some Comments on Children in the Kingdom of Arrapḫe, by Daniel Justel
pp.143-157 Barbara A. Porter: Tracing the Acquisition History of Some Old Syrian Popular Style Cylinder Seals
pp.159-172 Nicholas Postgate: The Bread of Aššur
pp.173-202 Julian Edgeworth Reade: Xenophon’s Route through Babylonia and Assyria
pp.203-213 Krisztian Simkó: The Magical Potential of Stones Used for Cylinder Seals: NewManuscripts of the Text Known from BAM 194 VIII’ 9’–14’
pp.215-224 Chikako E. Watanabe: The Symbolic Role of Animals in Babylon: A Contextual Approach to the Lion, the Bull and the Mušḫuššu
pp. 225-234 Federico Zaina: A Radiocarbon Date from Early Dynastic Kish and the Stratigraphy and Chronology of the YWN Sounding at Tell Ingharra
pp.235-236 Mark Altaweel: Some Recent and Current Archaeology in Iraq

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