Welcome to the BISI

The British Institute for the Study of Iraq is a UK charity. We fund and carry out research and public education on Iraq and neighbouring countries. BISI’s academic coverage includes anthropology, archaeology, history, geography, language and other fields in the arts, humanities and social sciences, from the earliest times until the present.
Minaret of the Abu Dulaf Mosque, Samarra

Activities and Grants

BISI offers a range of grants for research projects and conferences. We fund and organise lectures, study days, and other public events in London, elsewhere in the UK, and Iraq. We also help to support, re-train, and re-equip the cultural heritage professionals of Iraq.

Books and Journals

BISI publishes the journal IRAQ and distributes The International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies (IJCIS). We also publish books on the history, archaeology, and languages of Iraq, as well as an annual newsletter.

Membership and Donations

BISI welcomes new members from all walks of life, and donations large and small.

Award Holders 2016

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BISI Student Poster Competition – The Winners

We are delighted to announce the winners of BISI’s 2015 Student Poster Competition:
First prize:
Daniel Calderbank (PhD student, Manchester University) for his poster on Everyday Life in the Babylonian ‘Dark Age’: new ceramic evidence from Tell Khaiber, southern Iraq
Runner-up prize:
Silvia Ferreri (PhD student, Cambridge University) for her poster on Cremation burials in North Mesopotamia in the First Millennium BC: Evidence of social differentiation in the Assyrian Empire?