Visiting Iraqi Scholarships

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BISI offers 2 to 3 scholarships each year to enable Iraqi scholars and cultural heritage professionals to engage in research, training and collaborative projects in the UK.

Projects should focus on the history, society and culture of Iraq from the earliest times until the present. We welcome applications from scholars involved in the following fields: anthropology, archaeology, history, geography, languages and other areas in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

All applicants must be currently based in Iraq and should demonstrate how a scholarship in the UK will strengthen the research and cultural heritage environment in Iraq. Priority is given to Iraqi scholars who already have a working relationship with a UK institution or academic.

Visiting Iraqi Scholarships 

These scholarships allow scholars to:

  • spend up to two months in the UK;
  • undertake a specific research or training project;
  • build relations with scholars in the UK;
  • participate in a suitable programme designed for each recipient;
  • and to work with a mentor arranged by BISI.

These scholarships cover:

  • institutional fees (e.g. university access and library usage but not tuition fees);
  • housing (usually with a family) and a daily allowance for living expenses (per diem);
  • all travel expenses, including visas;
  • and emergency travel insurance.

These scholarships will not:

  • pay any salary expenses;
  • fund any full time university courses;
  • pay for any routine dental or medical expenses.



Annual Deadline
1 February. Candidates will be informed of decisions by early July. 

Eligibility: Leave of Absence
Formal leave of absence from the scholar’s own institution or employer is required before an award is made; a copy of the permission for a leave of absence should be sent to BISI. 

Eligibility: English Language Ability
BISI reserves the right to request scholars to take English Languages tests to ensure that the English language ability of successful applicants is of a satisfactory standard. Scholars must be able to converse and understand English to a working level. 

Eligibility: Past scholars 

Under normal circumstances, past BISI scholars are ineligible for further awards in the years immediately following their scholarships.  

Application Forms
Please complete an application form and return it to the Administrator at The application requires a short description of the project and the purpose of your visit to the UK. Applicants should nominate an academic to supervise their scholarship in the UK and name the institution where they would like their scholarship to be based. 

Terms and Conditions
Prior to visiting the UK, scholars must apply for a UK Visa; applications must be submitted three months before the visit and will require you to take your identity documents for checking at a Visa Application Centre in Iraq.

Scholars are expected to be able to work and travel independently in the UK. We reserve the right to withdraw any scholarships that have not been taken up within one year of notification of the awards.