Research and Conference Grants

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BISI provides funding to support research and conferences that focus principally on the lands and peoples of Iraq. We welcome applications from the full range of arts, humanities and social sciences subjects, and topics may cover any time period from prehistory to the medieval period to the present. 

Funding Available

BISI can only fund direct costs such as equipment, travel expenses, and consultancy fees, normally up to a total of £4,000 - although more substantial awards may exceptionally be made. BISI cannot pay institutional overheads, salary costs, PhD studentships, or other normal living costs.

Annual Deadline

1 February


Under this scheme, applicants should normally be employed by, or have an official connection with, a UK Higher Education Institution. Proof of the applicant’s affiliation may be requested.

Application Procedure

Please study the application form and guidance notes carefully before applying for a Research Grant or Conference Grant. Completed applications must be emailed to  [email protected] in time for the deadline. Decisions will be announced in March.


Two letters of recommendation must be submitted in support of each application and should be sent to [email protected] by the deadline above.

Terms and Conditions

Successful applicants will need to agree to BISI's terms and conditions.

Grants are awarded to individuals and institutions by the BISI Council after assessment by the Fieldwork and Research Committee. Decisions are based on the quality and practicality of the proposed research, the costing of the work, the qualifications of the applicant to conduct the work, and the reports of referees.